Water Engineering

Borehole Drilling

Drilling of water bore holes for domestic, agriculture, construction, Industrial, purpose and mining drilling. Drilling from 6" bore well up to 18" bore well with up to 2000 ft depth. PVC or Iron casing of bore wells in the region of loose subsoil.

We offer various depth of bore-well, which can vary from 150 feet to 2000 feet depending on the location and soil.


Supply of Water Pumps

Monolith supply pumps for every application. We ensure that we take into consideration every detail required for the sizing and selection of pumps in order to guarantee performance and quality. We have in stock pumps from renowned manufacturers with globally accepted quality standards Once we have supplied a pump, we have office based after-sales and support, with installation and repairs from our trained service team.

Borehole Rehabilitation

Borehole and well rehabilitation involves restoring and reclaiming a well or borehole which is either no longer in use or has a poor flow rate or performance back to its original condition and in some cases improving its performance and its original output. Rehabilitating a well or borehole is often the most cost effective alternative to re-drilling a new borehole at a different location