Renewable Energy Solutions

We offer you the right device for each application for all module types, for grid-connection and feeding into stand-alone grids, for small house systems and commercial systems in the Megawatt range. Our solar inverters are reliable durable and power efficient.

For many people, powering their homes or small businesses using a small renewable energy system that is not connected to the electricity grid (called a stand-alone system) makes economic sense and appeals to their environmental values. We develop affordable and comprehensive off the grid energy solutions for interested party in both large and small scales.

Monolith energy conversion systems is designed to provide world class energy efficient/renewable energy solutions and ensure customer’s peace of mind through best business practices, credible skills, support system and responsibility.


We also offer other renewable energy solutions like:


Off Grid Energy Systems

3.3 MW Stand-alone PV/Diesel Hybrid System


Hybrid power system installed in full capacity


Solar Street Light


Solar motorized borehole

Monolith Global Resources Limited supplies and installs solar powered boreholes and water pumps, and offers a huge range of every application imaginable. Pumps are sourced from world leading manufactures including Grundfos, Lorentz, Pedrollo, Davey and Dayliff, all supported by large stocks, spare parts, and professional selection from our trained engineers

  • Servicing of bore hole rigs, accessories, hammers, pump sets, hand pumps, treatment plants and any equipment supplied by us.
  • Servicing of bore holes drilled for any unforeseen problem after few years.
  • Any services and advice required by our esteemed customers connected with our job executed for them.
  • Geo physical survey of bore hole to be drilled for better exploration of water.
  • Maintenance of existing and newly constructed borewells, pump and pipelines.
  • Flushing of existing and newly constructed wells with compressors.